Rinnai TRX Compact Wall-Mount System

Rinnai TRX Wall-Mount heating sytem
The Rinnai TRX Wall-Mount heating system.

Rinnai America Corporation has Introduced the TRX Compact Wall-Mount System.

The product delivers a compact, reliable, flexible water heating system, according to Rinnai.

Designed to offer faster and more flexible installation in an easy to transport package, the TRX system provides solutions to save contractors valuable time and scarce mechanical room space. 

“By rethinking the way contractors obtain, transport and install our rack systems, we have produced a game-changer for the industry,” said Dale Schmitz, senior marketing manager, Rinnai America Corporation. “The TRX Compact will offer contractors the same reliable water heating system but allow them to complete more jobs with ease.” 

Contractors will be able to move the TRX system from truck to job site easily while also cutting back on installation time, as the system is shipped pretested and preassembled. Rinnai said that this advantage provides contractors a better way of working, taking less of their valuable time as they will no longer have to manifold their own system, and increasing the opportunity to take on additional jobs. 

Compared to other rack systems, the TRX takes up 39 x 39 inches on a wall, positively impacting space constraints in most mechanical rooms, especially in the foodservice and hospitality categories which can be managed in cramped quarters.

When contractors find themselves in a tight area and there’s no blank wall space available for a flush mount, an additional bracket option adds about two inches to clear any standard piping as long as there is access to four mounting points. These advantages make the TRX one of the most flexible rack systems available. 

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The updated packaging also allows three TRX systems per shipment, providing efficient inventory for distributors and making the product more readily available for contractors.  

“We wanted to make this rack system more accessible to our contractors,” said Schmitz. “And with TRX’s new compact size, there’s no need to use a forklift to move it, as the carton can be easily unloaded from a truck bed and is portable through any 32-inch door opening.”  

Rinnai said that with improved packaging, flexibility in installation and its compact size, the TRX will provide contractors with all the advantages they’ll need to get their client’s jobs completed fast and on time.  


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