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The 2019 Industry Scoreboard: 'The Top 300'

It all adds up to $323,401,287,972. That’s the total estimate of the combined sales of the 300 companies on the HBSDealer Top 300 Industry Scoreboard.

REPORT: Amazon’s ‘dirty’ customer

Customer in Spain soils Amazon’s return policy.

The 2019 CA legislative session closed at midnight on September 14th.  We can thank our stars there was an end to the madness.  Today, thanks to labor’s political machine and unlimited money, they have been one of the major driving forces that has created the supermajority of democrats in

Hermantown Lumber closed shop in June but owes dozens of customers lumber and materials.

Independence runs high at the Chicago-based hardware distributor. Here’s how True Value Company positions itself as “Future Ready.” Download
True Value Special Report

Christine Bean has been presented with a CFO award by the North Bay Business Journal.

In business, you keep score with dollars. That’s the key metric in the Top 200 Pro Dealer Industry Scoreboard, produced by the research, reporting and estimates of HBSDealer editors. The statistics represent the performance of each of the Top 200 in the most recently completed fiscal year.

Lifted by rising housing starts and a recovering economy, the 2015 HBSDealer Top 300 Industry Scoreboard shows steady-as-she-goes combined sales growth of about 4.6%.

Sponsored by Boise Cascade Combined sales at the nation’s Top 200 dealers continued to rise with residential construction and the recovering U.S. economy. Hardware + Building Supply Dealer and our sponsor value your privacy. To view privacy policies click here:

No matter how you slice them, the numbers of the HCN Top 300 Industry Scoreboard reflect the rising housing market, increased spending on the home and an easy comparison with the previous year’s performance.

As the industry marches to the drumbeat of slowly improving economic data and the housing market recovery, the Made-in-USA movement marches alongside.

Three little words can have huge emotional power. Case in point: “Made in America.” When one objectively surveys the Made-in-USA landscape, one sees American manufacturers eager to promote their products as “Made in USA” for the clear emotional pull of those words.

Orgill customers include home centers, lumberyards, hardware stores, and farm and ranch businesses. They operate throughout the U.S. and Canada, in rural markets and urban settings.

A financial partner to help you manage your in-house credit program will get you the cash flow you need to grow. Download the three-part report below.

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