Rinnai partners with HomeSphere

Over 2,600 single-family and multifamily home builders use HomeSphere’s tech and services.
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Rinnai, the tankless water heater manufacturer, has established a new partnership with HomeSphere.

HomeSphere offers a digital marketplace where local and regional home builders can discover new products, earn incentives and develop relationships with manufacturers.  

“The partnership with HomeSphere is an exciting endeavor, and it will enable us to further connect with and reach builders in the residential industry,” said Nathan Reise, residential new construction sales director, Rinnai America Corporation. “We can get our products in front of a market we normally wouldn’t have the capability to reach.”

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Through HomeSphere’s ability to bundle multiple rebate-eligible products, single-family and multifamily home builders will have access to Rinnai’s rebates and other savings on products such as tankless water heaters, condensing boilers and more. 

Additionally, home builders will be able to discover the latest information on Rinnai products, providing them with the tools they will need to build homes with the most affordable options.

“We are pleased to partner with Rinnai and add this leading brand to our network of building product manufacturers,” said Greg Schwarzer, president, HomeSphere. “Our unique, third-party bundled incentive program sets us apart and serves the dynamic needs of both building product manufacturers and builders. This is a constantly changing industry, and this partnership with Rinnai helps us continue to expand the reach of our program and further help home builders.”  

HomeSphere said that more than 2,600 single-family and multifamily home builders use HomeSphere’s technology and services to discover products.


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