Webinar Replay: Metal roof and wall panels

A deep dive into the features and benefits of a growing category.
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HBSDealer’s Webinar Series hosted American Building Components, a leading manufacturer of metal roofing materials and wall panels for a variety of markets.

Led by Tyler Roose, director of sales development for ABC, the webinar — The Benefits of Metal Roof and Wall Panels —asked and answered common questions about the category. Topics include installation, durability, sustainability, practicality, and, of course, cost – both initial cost and life-time-ownership costs.

[The webinar is available here, free to those who register.]

Roose has been with Cornerstone Building Brands and American Building Components for 15 years, serving in multiple sales and sales operations roles. He currently serves as Regional Manager – Midwest Region and Director of Sales Development, with both roles focusing on driving sales growth through the distribution customer base, creating value-added product and service solutions for his customers and improving sales operations within his team.

“This is a topic that I’m very passionate about,” Roose said. “I love selling metal roofing, and teaching new customers how to sell metal roofing, as well as sharing tips on installation and the overall value proposition.”

One of the key benefits of metal roofing and wall panels was described as the product’s positive impact on a building’s performance by being a durable and sustainable solution. Many of the metal roofing and wall panels advantages outperform traditional shingles, Roose said. And at the same time, metal panels can help builders achieve all the functional and aesthetic needs of a building’s design.

American Building Components has been in the building product business since 1908, originally as Cincinnati Sheet Metal. Today the company is part of Cornerstone Building Brands.

Roose pointed to statistics that show metal roofing is gaining market share in the total residential roofing space from about 13 percent in 2019 to about 17 percent.

“That’s huge,” Roose said “It’s a multi-billion-dollar roofing industry to. grow 4 percent is great for us and all of our customers selling metal roofing. It’s great for us and all of our customers, and it reinforces the fact that metal roofing as a viable residential roofing product.”

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