Ryobi power station

Quiet, portable power solution for when the power goes out.
Ryobi power station
In the event of a power outage, this power station can operate a refrigerator, television, WiFi router and keep a mobile device topped off simultaneously. This unit can be monitored remotely via Bluetooth and the GenControl app.

Ryobi introduces the all-new 18V One+ 1800W power station to its lineup of portable power solutions.

“With 3,000 starting watts and 1,800 running watts, this power station is the cordless portable power solution for the jobsite, tailgate, campsite ­– or if the power goes out,” said the company.

The quiet operation and zero emissions mean it is safe to power televisions, fans, refrigerators and more indoors.

The firm said, pure sine wave technology means sensitive electronic equipment such as projectors, radios, and audio/visual equipment can be safely powered by the power station.

This power station, said the company, has nine outlets to keep devices powered on, and has Bluetooth capability.

“With four types of outlets, this Power Station is ready to provide portable power for whatever kind of devices users need to recharge,” said the firm.

It has three 120V AC 15A outlets powering refrigerators, TVs, fans and other appliances. The unit also includes two USB-A 12W Max outlets, two Fast Charge USB-A 18W Max outlets, and two USB-C 45W Max outlets to recharge several personal devices simultaneously.

With the combination of outlets and wattage, this power station can power a television for up to ten hours, making it ideal for tailgates or backyard parties, said Ryobi.

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