New DeWalt 60V Max In-Line Stud & Joist Drill

The right-angle drill eliminates torque when binding.

BY HBSDealer Staff

DeWalt has introduced the 60V Max In-Line Stud & Joist Drill with E-Clutch System

Part of the growing line of FlexVolt tools, batteries, and accessories, the brushless 60V Max In-Line Stud & Joist Drill offers powerful, high-speed drilling and long runtime.

The drill is a high-torque right-angle drill with fast application speeds. In high and low speed, the DeWalt E-Clutch System senses tool motion and eliminates the torque when binding is detected by stopping the motor. The user is notified that the E-Clutch System has been activated through an illuminated LED light.

The 60V MAX In-Line Stud & Joist Drill also features the 2-speed Quick-Shift, allowing the user to easily shift between 2 speeds without having to feather the trigger.

The drill also includes a 2-position side handle, a shallow nose to get into tight spaces, a 1/2″ keyed chuck and chuck key holder, an LED to illuminate work areas, a knuckle guard to help protect the user’s hand, and Bluetooth Tool Connect Tag (sold separately) mount. With a rounded top handle and rubber handle over-mold, it is easy for the user to find the right grip, according to DeWalt.


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