One-on-One Video Series: Winning at “Shop Local”

Shanna West of H&H Home and Hardware shares the power of local.

“It’s a small town,” says Shanna West, co-owner of H&H Home and Hardware, describing her business in Marion, Ky. “Everybody knows us.”

The retailer’s local focus has given rise to a strategy of embracing local products and hosting community events. “People really appreciate – especially in our small town – that we really try to incorporate a mindset of success,” she said in the One-on-One interview with HBSDealer. “And not just for us. We want to see everyone succeed here.”

[Click the image above to watch the One-on-One interview with Shanna West.]

West, who was recognized as a Rising Star in the 2021 class of Top Women in Hardware & Building Supply, also described an effort to create an atmosphere of excitement in the store fostered by a strong social media presence. (A prom night event for the county’s high school students is one of many examples.”)

shop small

The store opened in the year 2000, and has expanded its focus when it moved to a larger space across town a few years ago, adding homeowners and DIYers to its original base of contractor customers. That’s when the business began to embrace its “shop local” mindset.

The overall message to the community, she says is: “we’re here, and we want to be here for the long term, and to support you as you support us.”

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