WORX launches new Landroid robot mowers

WORX  has introduced two new Landroid robotic mowers that incorporate the latest electronics to enable the machines to mow lawns up to a quarter- and half-acre

The streamlined, compact mowers are programmable to cut lawns in any day/time combination for an entire season through the mower’s user interface, or remotely, using a smart phone’s app.

Using the new Landroid app through a smart phone, users can program and control the mobile mowers. One of the app’s features is the lawn size calculator. By walking the lawn’s perimeter with the app, it automatically calculates its size. Then, the app automatically configures a working schedule for the mower based on the size of the lawn.

In the event of rain, Landroid’s rain sensor sends the mower back to the charging station. The user can program when mowing continues once the grass has dried. Updates to the Landroid’s app firmware are applied automatically via WiFi.

“We’ve redefined the new Landroids with the latest technology to make these “smart mowers” a true asset to homeowners,” said Thales Marques, WORX product manager. “They are real time savers for homeowners who would rather spend time golfing, going to the beach or pool, attending a baseball game or relaxing on their deck or patio with a favorite beverage.”

The two new robotic mowers include Landroid L (WR150), which mows lawns up to a half-acre the Landroid M (WR140), with a quarter-acre range.

Common characteristics between the two mowers include the WORX 20V MAX Lithium 4.0 Ah battery, which is part of the WORX Power Share platform and compatible with other WORX lawn and garden and DIY tools. Also, both mowers include a GPS module,

“Find My Landroid,” which locates the mower if it’s lost or stolen. The GPS feature enhancescommunication capabilities through a cellular phone.

Another new feature of the mowers is “cut to edge.” Landroid’s offset blade design minimizes the need for trimming. Also, with the mower’s patented AIA technology, Landroid algorithm or problem solving capabilities allows it to better navigate through narrow passageways compared to other robotic mowers.

With Plug-N-Play, Landroid has preprogrammed settings. Users do not have to customize the mower’s programming after installation, although it is recommended.

Other key features include a side charging port and multi-zone programming, which allows users to set up separate lawn cutting zones, such as front and back yards, tiered locations and berms. Also, homeowners can set up a security pin number code to lock out Landroid’s operation. Only the correct pin number will enable the mower to start, which is effective in the event if the mower is stolen.

In addition, the mower automatically returns to the docking station to recharge its battery or when mowing has been completed. Landroid’s weather-resistant construction includes a rain sensor, which instructs the mower to return to the docking station when it’s raining. A built-in timer resumes mowing well after the rain has stopped. This timer can be reprogrammed through the mower’s interface or through the Landroid app.

Built-in safety sensors stop the mower blades rotation when it’s lifted or tipped and reverses the Landroid when it makes the slightest contact with a person, pet or object. The three pivoting blades combine for 7-inch cutting width (8.6-inch, Landroid L). An LCD screen display sets up programming and pin code setting.

The Landroid L and Landroid M accessories include one, 20V MAX Lithium battery, 20V charger, one charging base, nine cutting blades and screws, boundary wire and staples  a hex key, two measurement gauges, and eight lawn screws for securing the charging station.

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