Store rallies to 'Save the Chicks'

A hardware store in Pelican Rapids, Minn., was told by police to stop selling baby chicks, and the owner intends to fight city hall.

Strand Hardware was informed early Monday, April 2, that its chicks for sale were in violation of a Pelican Rapids city ordinance that prevents the keeping of chickens in the open. Owner Matt Strand intends to take up the issue at a City Council meeting

There are signs of strong community support to save the chicks at Strand Hardware. Social media comments protest against “restraint of trade,” among other things. And a spa and tanning business next door to the hardware store covered its windows with the message: “Save the Chicks.”

The controversy comes as the chicken sales at retail appear to be on a roll. Live chicks in incubators are common sights at hardware shows, and chick events are an increasingly popular traffic generator in stores – both farm and ranch stores and traditional hardware stores.

A Facebook post from Strand Hardware, took a swipe at the anti-business stance of Pelican Rapids. “Chicks, ducklings, goslings and pheasants are still available at the store via special order but if you want to see them in person you will need to travel to a business friendly community such as Detroit Lakes, Perham, Fergus Falls or Moorhead (to name a few) where chick sales are allowed,” wrote Strand.


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