Simpson Strong-Tie debuts fast-set marine epoxy

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Simpson Strong-Tie debuts fast-set marine epoxy

Structural connectors and building solutions provider Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced the FX-70-6FS fast-set epoxy bottom seal.

The product is a three-component, moisture-tolerant epoxy grout designed as part of the FX-70 structural repair and protection system to facilitate same-day filling of underwater fiberglass pile jackets.

The FX-70 structural piling repair and protection system was the first in-place repair solution for damaged concrete, steel, and wood piles when it debuted in 1970. By eliminating the need to build cofferdams or otherwise remove water from project areas, the FX-70 system drastically reduces costs while enabling piers, docks, and other harbor structures to remain in service as pile repairs are executed.

With set times as fast as two hours, the new FX-70-6FS fast-set epoxy establishes a bottom seal that can support same-day jacket filling, providing marine construction professionals with a repair solution to enhance speed and project efficiency.

The high-strength, water-insensitive epoxy bonds well to concrete, timber, and steel pilings and works seamlessly within the FX-70 system to help protect repaired piles from future corrosion, deterioration, or erosion.

“Upgrading the FX-70 system with the FX-70-6FS fast-set epoxy will enable marine contractors to establish a bottom seal and fill pile jackets in the same day, rather than having to wait overnight for epoxies to set,” said Simpson Strong-Tie product manager Brian Foster. “As repair and protection of marine structures become more critical, the availability of time- and money-saving underwater solutions enabling contractors to avoid having to dewater project areas or sustain delays provides a much-needed advancement to the industry.”