Feeney DesignRail and CableRail Conceal kits

New DesignRail and CableRail Conceal kits from Feeney

BY HBSDealer Staff

Feeney, the stainless steel and aluminum railings manufacturer, has debuted DesignRail aluminum railing kits and the CableRail Conceal kit.

The new DesignRail railing kits offer a fast and easy way to install exterior or interior aluminum railings with Feeney CableRail. Engineered using components that snap and screw together for ease of installation, the kits feature high quality 6000 series aluminum extrusions with AAMA-2604 powder coated finishes for a durable, long lasting finish. In addition, all post kits are pre-drilled to make cable installation simple.

“This new addition to the Feeney line is a great solution for customers who want to be able to walk into a retail location and get everything they need to install aluminum railings with CableRail using a convenient packaged system,” said Andy Penny, VP of sales and marketing for Feeney. “The kits are making it even easier to build a railing with cable infill, and we’re excited to introduce this latest innovation.”

Available in 36-inch and 42-inch level railings, and 36-inch stair railings, the kits are designed to be installed in three simple steps: install posts, assemble and attach the top and bottom rail kits, and install CableRail cables. Feeney also offers accessories to supplement the kits, including base plate covers, isolation pads and bushings for harsher environments, and touch-up paint.

The kits contain all materials required for installation (posts, rails, CableRail and accessories) and are stocked at Feeney authorized dealers. They come standard in a black matte finish, with other colors available through special order.

The CableRail Conceal kit was developed to provide a solution for customers seeking a more streamlined cable railing aesthetic. The end caps on the outside of the railing posts are thinner, and the fittings are shorter in length so they can be completely concealed inside the post for a sleeker look.

“The Conceal kit offers a fresh new twist on our popular CableRail system, while providing an additional option for DesignRail and wood railing projects,” Penny said. “This new offering will give our customers even more flexibility when selecting the CableRail kit best suited for their specific application.”

The CableRail Conceal kit also features a specially-designed tension fitting on one end and an automatic-locking Feeney Quick-Connect fitting on the other end. The kit is available in pre-fabricated assembly lengths ranging from 5 feet to 50 feet, in 5-foot increments that can be trimmed to exact length in the field. Product accessories, including isolation bushings for harsher environments and decorative stainless or colored end caps, are also available and sold separately.

Based in Oakland, Calif., Feeney specializes in residential and commercial construction products for exterior or interior applications include CableRail stainless steel cable assemblies, Quick-Connect auto-locking cable fittings, and DesignRail aluminum railing systems among other offerings.


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