National Nail launches Stinger Mini SnowGuard

National Nail, the manufacturer of specialty fasteners and tools for roofing underlayment and housewrap, is debuting a new Stinger Mini SnowGuard for halting dangerous sliding ice and snow on metal roofs.

The Mini SnowGuard features a cutting-edge, time-saving design, with a self-sealing gasket system that requires no silicone, eliminating the mess and cleanup associated with sealants. Additionally, the Mini SnowGuard’s patented weather-tight gasket system allows for installation at any temperature.

Eliminating silicone offers an installation that’s up to 60% faster compared to traditional snow guard products. Easy to install, place the SnowGuard on the weather-tight gasket, set the SnowGuard at the desired point on the roof and secure with the three 1.5-inch x #10 neoprene washered screws included.

Estimating the number of Mini SnowGuards that are needed for a roof is easy too. Installers can use Stinger’s project calculator.

“Sliding ice and snow is unpredictable and incredibly hazardous to people or objects near the perimeter of a metal roof,” said Roger Szotko, Stinger Product Manager, National Nail. “The Mini SnowGuard system greatly reduces the risk of dangerous sliding ice and snow and can be installed quickly, easily and in any temperature for instant protection.”

Mini SnowGuards are made in the USA and are available in 12 colors and a clear finish, offering stylish, highly durable protection that complements any metal roof. Plus, Mini SnowGuards are covered by a Roof-Time Warranty: as long as they are installed properly, they are covered for the life of the roof.

Proper installation requires the correct quantity based on the project calculator be installed in the correct pattern using the weather-tight gasket and instructed mounting hardware. The use of silicone or other mounting hardware will void the warranty coverages. Each box of STINGER Mini SnowGuards includes 50 Mini SnowGuards, 50 Weather-tight Gaskets and 150 All-Weather Coated Screws.

Stinger provides fasteners and tools for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They are the roofing brand of National Nail Corp., headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. Other National Nail brands include PRO-FIT fasteners and CAMO.


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