Look who’s into concrete

BY HBSDealer Staff

Who’s getting involved in concrete projects? You’d be surprised.

The marketing team at Quikrete noticed a tremendous variety of affinity groups beating a digital path to the Quikrete website. Among them: technophiles, celebrity news junkies and travel buffs exploring concrete projects.

“We’d expect home décor enthusiast and do-it-yourselfers to be heavy users of our website, but not necessarily art aficionados, cooking enthusiast, comic fans or some of the other surprising affinity groups in our top 100,” said Frank Owens, VP of marketing for The Quikrete Companies.

“We’re committed to helping people from a broad range backgrounds and skill levels with projects, which is why we recommend Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete for beginners. Literally, there is no experience mixing, pouring or finishing concrete needed for a variety of entry level projects using this proven concrete mix.”

Quikrete’s Top 20 Affinity Groups:

1. Home Decor Enthusiasts
2. Movie Lovers
3. TV Lovers
4. Technophiles
5. Entertainment/Celebrity News Junkies
6. Shoppers/Shopaholics
7. News Junkies
8. Do-It-Yourselfers
9. Travel Buffs
10. Auto Enthusiasts
11. Shutterbugs
12. Outdoor Enthusiasts
13. Political News Junkies
14. Music Lovers
15. Aspiring Chefs
16. Cooking Enthusiasts
17. Mobile Enthusiasts
18. Health & Fitness Buffs
19. Sports Fans
20. Football Fans

Meanwhile, the company is making it fast and easy for anyone to successfully complete a concrete project with new Fast-Setting Concrete Mix Bonus Bags, which contain 60-pounds or 20 percent more material in each bag.

Designed to require no mixing, harden in 20-40 minutes and gain enough strength to build on in two hours, the mix is ideal for setting a variety of posts including fences, decks, mailboxes, trellis and basketball goals.

It’s also recommended for pouring sidewalks, patios, driveways and other concrete surfaces that need to reopen for foot or vehicle traffic quickly. The new Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix Bonus Bags are available nationwide starting on March 31 as part of Spring Black Friday, which is the annual promotion of home improvement by retailers.


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