EGO launches the Nexus Power Station

Battery-powered generator can serve as an alternative to gas generators.

BY HBSDealer Staff

EGO has introduced the Nexus Power Station, a battery-powered inverter that can serve as a replacement for compact gas generators.

This is the first connected product in the EGO Power+ System and can be controlled remotely through the EGO Power+App.

WIFI and BLE connections not only make this product smart but make controlling outlets and USB connections from anywhere possible. The flexible design allows users to harness power from any EGO Power+ ARC Lithium battery delivering clean, pure sine wave power for hours or even days giving consumers a gas generator alternative.

The Nexus Power Station uses anywhere from one to four batteries to deliver power, and when power is restored, it doubles as a charger for the 56V ARC Lithium batteries. There are no emissions omitted and the Nexus Power Station is virtually silent allowing outdoor enthusiasts to bring this camping, fishing or even hunting.

The Nexus Power Station Specifications include:

  • 3,000 Watt Peak Output (Pure Sine)
  • 2000 Watt Continuous Output
  • 4 X USB Outlet
  • 3 X AC Outlet
  • 4-Port Charger
  • Solar Charging Compatible
  • Vibrant LCD Display
  • Control and Monitor via Wifi or BLE
  • EGO Connect™ Enabled
  • Flexible Battery Configurations
  • Only 1 battery required to operate

An EGO Power Station with four 7.5 Ah packs will provide 1680 watt-hours of power. Run times will vary based on batteries used and devices being powered. The runtime can be monitored from the EGO POWER+ app or viewed on the bright LCD display.

The EGO Nexus Power Station is also weather-resistant and weighs slightly over 50 pounds with four 7.5 Ah batteries.




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