Armadillo rolls with a rebate

A simple, three-step process to boost deck sales.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Technology has made sales programs far more sophisticated than the old days. It has also simplified some classic techniques – such as a the tried-and-true rebate program.

Case in point Armadillo Decking has a three-step process for its “Builder Rebate Program.” Those steps are: sign in; upload the project invoice; upload photos of the completed project.

Armadillo describes its rebate program as an industry leader. It offers a 3% rebate of a builder’s material cost on Armadillo, TurboClip and Grid Axcents products. Plus, when a deck builder’s first project is submitted, the company will rebate 8% of the material cost and send a free TruboClip. Every 10th project submission gets a 5% rebate.

Armadillo, is a brand of Avon Plastics. Click here for more information.


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