Lumary glowing night lights

Smart recessed lighting has millions of hues, Wi-Fi connection – and it’s voice activated.

Intelligent home product provider Lumary has introduced RGBAI – meaning red, green, blue, artificial intelligence – smart recessed light with gradient auxiliary night light.

The company said this is “the world’s first up-and-down recessed light developed with RGBAI technology. With the launch, the company hopes to introduce a new era of ambient lighting and smart living.”

The latest smart recessed light, with ample light coverage, offers four modes: Main Light mode, auxiliary light mode, RGB atmosphere mode and RGBAI colorful mode.

It's supported by up-and-down lighting, adjustable brightness and 16 million colors, and is compatible with smart voice control, which can work when you connect the light to a WiFi connection, said the company.

Lumary said its RGBAI technology can control the color of every LED light guide in the recessed light with precision, so that it not only can emit multiple colors at the same time to deliver a cool, rainbow-like lighting effect, but also offer a much wider range of lighting functions, such as turning on/off every section separately and one-click color change.

“We are confident that this product will pioneer a better indoor lighting experience satisfying various consumer demands and push forward the development of the smart lighting industry," said Johnny Wu, founder and CEO of Lumary.

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