Poll Question: Hardware trends

All the major trends were on display at the hardware show. Which was the biggest?

BY HBSDealer Staff

The curtain has been drawn on the 2018 National Hardware Show, but the trends on display will shine on into the foreseeable future. Special exhibit areas showcased more than just new products, they demonstrated themes and trends that are shaping the industry.

Pet products, farm and ranch, Made in USA, and high-tech smart home products were among the many storylines in Las Vegas at the 2018 show. And according to Rich Russo, VP of the National Hardware Show, there was something for everyone. “It’s great to see so much enthusiasm and excitement across the show floor.”

Whether you attended the show or not, some of the following trends are certain to affect your business. Which is the most significant?

  • Popularity of Made in USA
  • Spending on pets
  • Investments in business technology
  • Time-and-labor saving products
  • Outdoor living
  • International sourcing
  • Smart home
  • Healthy home
  • Other

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