Central Garden & Pet launches wellness brand

GoodGood: Happier pets make for happier pet owners
A product line is built on the idea that pet and human wellbeing are interconnected.

Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Central Garden & Pet launched GoodGood, a new pet wellness brand dedicated to helping pet parents better understand their pets’ behavior by offering solutions that look at wellness from both the human and pet perspective.

GoodGood’s inaugural line of dog supplements includes four products: GoodGood Allergy + Immune Dog Chews, GoodGood Calming Dog Chews, GoodGood Hip + Joint Dog Chews and GoodGood Skin + Coat Dog Chews. Each ingredient included in the brand’s supplements was hand selected to ensure that each formula delivers the utmost efficacy. Made with recognizable, premium ingredients, the four new dog supplement chews carry the prestigious NASC Quality Seal and are made in the United States with domestic and imported ingredients. There are 90 chews per bag, and all four products are available now via Amazon and Chewy for $29.99.

  • GoodGood Allergy + Immune Dog Chews give your dog an extra line of defense from the changing seasons or the not-so-good stuff they might roll around in. The formula includes key ingredients like echinacea to support inflammation and to promote good skin health, vitamin C, which supports the proper functioning of the immune system, vitamin E, an antioxidant that promotes healthy skin, and probiotics to promote good gut flora.
  • GoodGood Calming Dog Chews use ingredients from science and nature to help keep your dog chill when life throws its curveballs, so you can feel good about how good they feel. The formula includes key ingredients like chamomile, which supports stress and nervousness, ashwagandha, to support stress and maintain calmness, L-theanine, which helps your dog feel calm but not drowsy, and probiotics to support healthy digestion and a strong immune system.
  • GoodGood Hip + Joint Dog Chews help dogs from young pups to old pooches keep pep in their step. The formula includes key ingredients like glucosamine, which supports joint cartilage, MSM, which supports bones and joints, turmeric to promote healthy joints, and probiotics to support digestion and a healthy immune system.
  • GoodGood Skin + Coat Dog Chews offer a targeted formula to deliver a soft and shiny coat, which goes paw in paw with healthy skin. The formula includes key ingredients like omega 3 fatty acids to support cell and tissue health in the skin, biotin to help maintain a shiny coat and healthy skin, antioxidant vitamin E, which helps maintain healthy skin and coat, and probiotics to promote digestion.

“Wellness is not a one-way street, and pet parents everywhere know that when your pet is stressed, you are too. Similarly, when you are able to help your pet feel good, you feel good too. But, far too often pet parents aren’t sure how to help their furry friends, which can affect the overall wellbeing of both pets and humans,” said Mike McGoohan, senior vice president strategy and marketing at Central Garden & Pet. “The GoodGood brand was built in partnership with passionate pet parents and scientists seeking to support a better understanding of our pets and to develop trusted, highly-effective and easy-to-use wellness solutions that help pet households lead happier and healthier lives.”

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