Bosch X-lock angle grinder tech continues to innovate

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Bosch Power Tools reported that its X-lock quick-change angle grinder technology has been adopted by more than 40 accessory providers around the world.

“Bosch Power Tools designed X-lock to make accessory changes quicker and more efficient on the job site, whether the user is working with a Bosch grinder or another X-lock compatible product,” said Sara Davidson, product manager for Bosch Power Tools. “Innovation has long been a focus for us, and we continue to engineer and manufacture tools and accessories with the primary objective of simplifying the experience for end-users across the industry.”

Designed and brought to market by Bosch Power Tools in 2019, X-lock is the world’s first quick-change angle grinder technology, eliminating the need for spanner wrenches or flange nuts when changing wheel mounts. 

The X-lock mount offers a wheel change up to five times faster than conventional interfaces, cutting downtime and boosting productivity on the job site. Most Bosch X-lock wheels are backward compatible with standard 7/8 in. mounts.

Most recently, Bosch Power Tools unveiled the ProFactor 18V Spitfire Angle Grinder, featuring X-lock technology and powered by Bosch’s CORE18V battery platform and Bitrubo Brushless technology.