84 Lumber assists nurses who braved Ida

Four New Orleans area nurses remained in the hospital and took care of babies throughout the hurricane.
The nurses from the New Orleans area are surprised with a donation from 84 Lumber on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

84 Lumber appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to surprise New Orleans area nurses with a $100,000 donation to help rebuild their homes after Hurricane Ida. 

When 84 Lumber heard about the four nurses who volunteered to stay at an area hospital through the hurricane to take care of NICU babies, the company knew it wanted to give back to them. 

The nurses did not leave the hospital for nearly a week while the patients’ parents were evacuated. Each of the nurses returned to homes that were severely damaged by Ida. 

“We are always giving back to our local communities, so as soon as Hurricane Ida hit, our team immediately looked for ways we could help,” said 84 Lumber President Maggie Hardy. “I’m proud of my 84 Lumber team in New Orleans and around the country who are always eager to be there for their communities in times of need, and we hope this donation helps these wonderful nurses get back on their feet quickly.” 

The nurses were surprised with the $100,000 donation live on Ellen today. The surprise can be viewed here.

84 Lumber donates millions of dollars to various charities and people in need every year. 

Based in Eighty Four, Pa., 84 Lumber is the nation’s largest privately-held pro dealer with more than 250 locations in 30 states.


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