Tractor Supply, Carhartt continue to unite for SkillsUSA

The farm and ranch retailer says skilled workforce development through education is critical.
Representatives from Tractor Supply and Carhartt gather in Tennessee for a big contribution to SkillsUSA.

Tractor Supply Company, the Tractor Supply Company Foundation,  and Carhartt announced they have donated $150,000 donation to SkillsUSA to support training opportunities to help close the country’s skilled trades gap.

Executives from Tractor Supply and Carhartt gathered at the Tractor Supply store in Hendersonville, Tennessee to present the donation check to officers from SkillsUSA Tennessee.

This marks the second consecutive year that Tractor Supply and Carhartt have collaborated on a fundraiser featuring exclusive “Support the Trades” merchandise

A portion of the proceeds were donated to SkillsUSA, a nonprofit that provides students with training programs in trade, technical and skilled service occupations. 

The Tractor Supply Foundation donated an additional $50,000, bringing the total donation to $150,000.

“Workforce development through education and skill development is critical to the communities we call home,” said Jeff Rietveld, vice president of divisional merchandise management at Tractor Supply. “This partnership with Carhartt has successfully raised thousands of dollars while also increasing awareness around this critical issue. Together, we can help close that gap and introduce students to rewarding and in-demand careers.”

Golden Hammer, Golden Heart

Tractor Supply was among the companies recognized for its “Golden Heart” at the recent Golden Hammer Products & Purpose Awards event. The Tractor Supply Foundation’s commitment to communities is reflected in its sponsorship of 4-H Tech Changemakers with donations of $500K since 2021. 

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SkillsUSA partners with middle school, high school and post-secondary students, as well as teachers and industry professionals, to train the future of America’s skilled workforce. The program’s framework provides students with workplace and technical skills grounded in academics and creates opportunities for them to make industry connections. The organization’s curriculum covers 130 job categories, creating a pipeline of talented entry-level workers.

“We are honored to partner with Tractor Supply to continue our legacy of supporting the hardworking people of America’s workforce,” said Keith Reynolds, vice president of sales for Carhartt. “We have been proud supporters of SkillsUSA for more than 20 years, and we look forward to seeing the ongoing impact this donation will make in supporting the skilled trades.”

The U.S. is facing a rapidly growing shortage of qualified workers in the skilled trades, which include the construction, manufacturing, transportation, service, and healthcare sectors. 

Recent studies have predicted that millions of jobs in these industries will go unfilled in the coming years, contributing to a substantial loss of revenue for U.S.-based companies and considerable impact for consumers.

TSC SkillsUSA Carhartt hat
Tractor Supply and Carhartt raised funds for SkillsUSA through the "Support the Trades" program.

“SkillsUSA works daily to empower our members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens,” said Chelle Travis, SkillsUSA executive director. “This mission can only be accomplished with the support of valued partners like Tractor Supply and Carhartt."

"This contribution will have a lasting impact on the lives of SkillsUSA members, and we are deeply grateful," Travis added.

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