Throwback Thursday: Scotty's strategies

The March 22, 1976 issue of National Home Center News, the forerunner of HBSDealer, covered a seminar delivered by Ray Cooney, then the president of Winter Haven, Fla.-based Scotty’s.

Under the headline “Cooney: Mix, helpful employes can increase home center sales,” the following story ran:

Examine your market, select product mix with care, encourage employes to be helpful, provide incentives and educate were the point made here by Ray Cooney, president of Florida-based Scotty’s, in a talk titles “Increasing Sales Per Employe.”

Speaking before a large audience at a Home Center Show seminar on Monday, March 8, Cooney asked “Scotty’s is primarily consumer-oriented. What are you? What image are you seeking? How do you want to be viewed by your customers and employes as well?

“You must select a product mix for the market you want to serve. You can’t be all things to all people or you’ll lose your identity,” Cooney warned.

Other considerations, he said, are courteous, helpful salespeople, and well laid-out stores that permit easy customer maneuverability.

Last, said Cooney, are sales incentives and education. “You must stimulate employes to greater performance and people react more readily to money than other rewards,” Cooney said.

Product knowledge and salesmanship will also contribute to greater productivity. Cooney said many high-end sales are lost because sales people either do not care or lack the knowledge.

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