Stihl honors Virginia Beach firefighter

Vincent G. Smith III receives Stihl sponsored Firefighter of the Year award.
STIHL Virginia Beach firefighter of the year 2022
Vincent G. Smith III, center, stands with Chris Keffer, on right, VP Sales and marketing for Stihl. Photo by VBFD photographer Ray Smith.

The Virginia Beach Fire Department has recognized Vincent G. Smith III with the Stihl sponsored Firefighter of the Year award for outstanding service to the community and city.

“This is a great honor,” said Smith. “I am just happy to have the best job around working for one of the best departments.”

For several years, Smith has overseen meter maintenance and led servicing of all hazmat meters on rescues, ladders, and boats for the department. “He spearheaded an effort to obtain new meters for all ladders and rescue companies,” said the company.

Additionally, Smith has worked with two battalion chiefs and two captains to help create the Swiftwater Rescue Team.

"Stihl has sponsored the Virginia Beach Fire Department Firefighter of the Year award for more than five years,” said Chris Keffer, vice president of sales and marketing for Stihl Inc.

The annual award ceremony was held on October 26, 2022, at Landstown High School in Virginia Beach, where members and residents were recognized for their outstanding service.

“Our company is committed to providing world-class professional products that meet the needs of firefighters worldwide,” said Keffer.

Since 1974, Stihl Inc. has been a member of the Hampton Roads community and is proud to support the vital work of local organizations such as the Virginia Beach Fire Department.