Star Wars coolers from Igloo

The force is strong: Igloo launches special edition line of Star Wars themed coolers.
Igloo lightsaber cooler

Igloo asks: “Do you align with the light side or the dark side?”

This special-edition Star Wars Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader cooler is inspired by the ultimate lightsaber duel between the Star Wars saga’s iconic Jedi Master and fearsome Dark Lord of the Sith.

The Playmate classic 14-quart cooler features Thermcool foam, a clean eco-friendly insulation and trademark tent top design. And the Death Star is depicted on the end as well.

“Star Wars depicts the stories and adventures of heroes, villains and everything in between from ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….’ said Igloo. “Playmate coolers, cooler bags and stainless-steel drinkware go with you on your adventures every day.”

Igloo Leia cooler

The company isn’t playing Jedi mind tricks with you, saying: “Whether one is strong with the Force, supports the Rebellion, stands with the Empire or is traversing the Outer Rim, you will want to keep your food and drinks fresh with this special-edition Igloo cooler collection.”

Images of Princess Leia adorn the other cooler. Embark on your next mission with two new Star Wars-inspired coolers featuring powerful characters from the original trilogy, said the firm.

Founded in 1947, Igloo Products Corp. headquartered in Katy, Waller County, Texas, is an American manufacturer of ice chests, drink containers, and supporting accessories and has 1,200 employees.

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