Quikrete Industry Dashboard

Stocks and gas prices are the major movers of the week.
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The bulls were running on Wall Street in the past week, and the latest version of the Quikrete Industry Dashboard shows major industry stocks climbing up the chart.

Builders FirstSource (up 99%), Tractor Supply (up 69%) and Beacon (up 66%) pace the field, and outperform the Dow Jones Industrial Average by long shot.

Elsewhere on the Dashboard during a relatively quiet week of macroeconomic data reports, gas prices hold steady at $3.42 for a second straight week, well above last year’s pace of $2.13 for a gallon of regular, as tracked by the American Automobile Association.

Next week comes a flurry of economic reporting, in addition to earnings releases from heavy hitters Home Depot and Lowe’s. Monthly sales, including NAICS 444, will be released Nov. 16, and residential-construction numbers will hit the wires on Nov. 17.