Proactive media relations

Meg Taylor of Taylor’s Do it Center discusses positive media strategies.
Meg Taylor and family
Meg Taylor with her family and leadership team at Taylor’s Do it Center.

Meg Taylor is the communications manager at Taylor’s Do it Center, a 21-location hardware store chain and Do it Best dealer in Virginia and North Carolina. Her background in politics, and wine and spirits distribution, has come in handy, she said, when it comes to building successful media relations.

Like many in the home improvement industry, Taylor did not prioritize media relations until it became a communications headache.

Now, she said, “my proactive approach makes it much easier for regional media outlets to give positive coverage to Taylor’s — and makes them more likely to respond in kind when I have a media request of my own.”

The communications manager’s strategies are straightforward and intentional, she said, when any of the Taylor’s stores are approached by the media for a story, she has set expectations with the team that they contact her immediately.

Taylor said she, “provides the media outlet with my mobile number and email address. And when contacted about a story, I identify the store location best suited to supporting the story and redirect the media contact as needed.”

She is intentional about educating and equipping her team — at least one employee at each location is comfortable being on camera and is prepared to speak on a variety of topics.

“I accommodate quick-turn media requests to establish myself as a trusted and reliable resource,” said Taylor.

She proactively connects with local chamber and retail alliance groups about sponsorships and community events to keep the Taylor’s business name top of mind, she said.

From individual stores to large chains, Taylor’s Do it Center can provide store owners and managers with valuable tips on media relations.

Founded in 1927, Taylor’s Do it Center is a family-owned and locally operated independent hardware store, and a member of Do it Best Corp.