Poll results: Storm damage forecast

Readers believe we haven't seen the last of Ida-like destruction.

A storm-related HBSDealer poll question reveals the mindset of the industry when it comes to Hurricanes. Specifically: it's just a matter of time before another hurricane brings the same destructive power brought by Hurricane Ida.

According to AccuWeather, a firm that tracks storms, damage could amount to some $95 billion in the wake of Hurricane Ida, which not only toppled buildings in the South but produced deadly floods in the Northeast.

The firm lists Hurricane Katrina as the costliest storm since 2000, with an economic impact of $320 billion. Ida ranks seventh on the AccuWeather list of most damaging storms (in terms of dollars) of the century. The plurality (38%) of respondents expect a more damaging storm to come next year. 

Here are the results of the hurricane poll:

When will we see another hurricane as destructive as Hurricane Ida?

chart, funnel chart
Source: HBSDealer poll question. (n=50)