True Value to make hand sanitizer

Chicago-based distributor will donate thousands of gallons to stores.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Armed with FDA approval, True Value plans to make hand sanitizer in its Cary, Ill., paint factory. And the distributor said it will donate the first several thousand gallons to True Value stores.

As reported last week by HBSDealer, the move is a response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The plant, located in Cary, Illinois, will ramp up production of tens of thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer however, the first several thousand gallons will be donated to True Value hardware stores across the country to arm its employees against contracting COVID-19 while they serve customers. The product is scheduled to be shipped to stores in early to mid-April.

As the company sources more raw materials, it says it plans to quickly increase production to help ease the public’s need.

In addition to hand sanitizer, the company is also manufacturing essential cleaning and sanitizing products such as hand soap, all-purpose cleansers with and without bleach, and degreasing cleanser. These products are quickly being produced to meet retailers’ demand to help keep their stores a safe shopping environment for customers.

“In state after state, hardware stores have been declared ‘essential’ and permitted to stay open,” said John Hartmann, president and CEO of True Value Company. “From hand sanitizer to tools and home maintenance products to farm and ranch items, local hardware stores play a critical role in keeping homes and communities up and running. During these unprecedented times, we’re proud to do our part to help make a difference and get the much-coveted hand sanitizer onto True Value store shelves as quickly as we can.”


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