Trex recycled pellets get the ICC okay

Trex has gotten the official stamp of approval from the International Code Council (ICC) for its recycled pellets.

The linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) pellets, manufactured under the Trex Spartan and Trex Cardinal brands, are now ICC-certified to contain 100% post-consumer content material.

"Trex LLDPE pellets are an ideal material for plastic product manufacturers to incorporate into their manufacturing process as a means of increasing both the recycled content and cost efficiency of their products," said Dave Heglas, senior director of material resources for Trex. "With this certification, companies can be assured that using Trex pellets can help meet their recycled content requirements and sustainability goals, while reducing their reliance on virgin and off-spec resin."

The LLDPE pellets are made from the surplus of recycled post-consumer and commercial polyethylene that Trex regularly collects for the manufacturing of its composite decking.

Ideal for use in molding, profile extrusion and blown film applications, the recycled pellets are designed to partially displace the virgin and off-spec resin typically used in the production of plastic goods. This allows manufacturers to lower their material costs and promote a more eco-friendly option to customers.

"Typically, manufacturers have to rely on multiple sources for plastic pellets, resulting in unpredictable quantities and widely-varying product characteristics," noted Heglas. "As one of the country's largest plastic recyclers, Trex is able to deliver the quantities and consistent quality manufacturers need at a lower price and with the added convenience of a single-source provider."

Trex is currently looking into additional uses for the pellets, which have already been proven to work well in the production of commercial trash bags, plastic garbage/recycling bins, and even irrigation tubing.