This flashlight is 'Unround'

LED lighting company Panther Vision has a new flashlight that won’t roll away when you put it down. It can’t. It’s flat.

One of the concepts behind the new Unround Flateye flashlight is the idea that just because a battery is round, that doesn’t mean a flashlight handle has to follow suit.

The Unround Flateye flashlight is a rectangular design that allows for two rows of batteries. Other features include a Hyper-Fin Cooling Technology and high, medium and low settings capable of emitting up to 2,100 lumens, and as little as 54 lumens.

“For too long, consumers have had little choice when it comes to the design of the flashlight,” said Panther Vision CEO and chief inventor Michael Waters. “We did something so simple that it is radical, we listened to consumer needs and created a product to meet them.

Retail prices for the product range from about $50 for a 310 lumen Flateye up to about $200 for the 2100 lumen variety.