Readers Respond: Made in USA momentum

BY HBSDealer Staff

Last week’s poll question tackled the concept of pocketbook patriotism. Will the American consumer, in support of all things American,

HBSDealer asked the question, “How would you describe the current demand for Made in USA Products?” The answers should be received as welcome information to domestic manufacturers.

After 153 votes, the leading vote getter was “strengthening.” Here is the breakdown:

• Strengthening, 55.6%
• No change, 37.3%
• Weakening, 7.2%

The poll remains open, accessible on the right-hand side of the scree (or scroll down on mobile devices). Also, tell us here what are you seeing in the market that affects Made-in-USA products?


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M.McKenna says:
Apr-16-2018 10:44 am

People would like USA made products but as soon as the price goes up for the same imported product they will complain and not purchase that item. I was a sales rep for 30 yrs and everyone says they want made in USA until they have to pay more. I represented companies that were imports and USA made and it all came down to cost.



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