Poll Results: Sales-friendly house features

Open floor plans and general curb appeal lead the list.

BY HBSDealer Staff

HBSDealer’s latest poll question looks all around the house for marketable selling features. Here’s what we found: open floor plans can tilt the scales toward sales.

After more than 230 votes, here’s the breakdown of most marketable home features.

Open floor plan, 36%
Curb appeal, 24%
Outdoor living spaces, 12%
Energy efficiency, 8%
Walk-in closets, 7%
Three-car garage, 6%
High ceilings, 2%
Big lawn, 1%
Media room, 1%

The poll remains active on the right side of the page, or scroll down your mobile device. Also, tell us what you think of the results by sending a note to [email protected].


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