Poll results: New Year’s resolutions

Striving for work-life balance (and also making more money).

BY HBSDealer Staff

The first HBSDealer poll question of 2020 is in the books. We learned that respondents’ top two New Year’s resolutions focus on mental health and financial wealth.

“What’s your New Year’s (business) resolution,” generated more than 200 responses. Here ae the results:

  • Strive for work-life balance, 29%;
  • Make more money, 26%;
  • Get organized, 17%;
  • Make a positive impact on colleagues, 17%;
  • Learn a new skill, 5%;
  • Make an impact on the community, 4%; and
  • Cut back on coffee, 1%.

The poll remains open for votes on the right side of this page. Additional reader comments on business resolutions, or other matters, are welcome at [email protected].


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