Poll question: Revisiting the virus

It’s been awhile. Now what’s the impact of the coronavirus on business?


A month ago, HBSDealer readers were asked about the impact of the coronavirus on their various businesses.

While “supply chain uncertainty” (39%) was the leading answer, “No impact” (34%) was runner-up.

Since then, the virus has captured front pages of major media and canceled or postponed various industry events. On March 9, the National Retail Federation reported that the coronavirus outbreak is expected to have a longer and larger impact on imports at major U.S. retail container ports than previously believed as factory shutdowns and travel restrictions in China continue to affect production.

It’s time to revisit the question: What’s the impact on your business now?

Respondents can select multiple answers, or write-in their own. The poll is open on the right side of this page (or scroll down your mobile device).


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Coronavirus redux: what's been the impact on your business?
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