Home Depot introduces Project Color app

The augmented reality app makes it easier for customers to choose the right colors.

BY HBSDealer Staff

The Home Depot has introduced a new app that will provide customers with the right paint choice before they break out paintbrushes and drop cloth.

The retailer’s Project Color mobile app allows customers to see color in a space using augmented reality. The app’s “See It in Your Space” feature can paint around other objects and recognize lighting conditions, giving customers the most realistic visual possible without putting a paintbrush to the wall.

For inspiration, customers can snap a picture of any item, from a flower to a throw pillow, and Project Color’s color matching capabilities will find The Home Depot paint color that matches most closely.

Project Color also provides customers with easy-to-choose sets of recommended colors. These recommendations, which range from colors trending on Pinterest to colors that are popular among Home Depot customers, are easily accessible on the app’s home page. A curated collection of trending colors can be found in the paint department at any Home Depot store.

If a customer wants to purchase a specific paint color, Project Color is interconnected and allows the user to either purchase paint directly through the app or they can use the store locator feature to find the nearest Home Depot paint counter.



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