Busy Beaver makes friends at the zoo

Home center helps name baby beavers, including “Busy” and “Timber.”

BY HBSDealer Staff

When the Pittsburgh Zoo announced the birth of six baby North American beavers, Busy Beaver Home Improvement Centers snapped into action. It organized a naming contest for the kits – that’s the zoological term for baby beavers.

The Pittsburgh-based retailer partnered with the zoo and the PPG Aquarium to help name the beavers and sponsor the beaver exhibit.

“When we heard about the baby beavers, we were excited to get involved and help name them. We are opening new stores in the region, so our family is growing too! Our new store names are easier however, since they’re based on location,” said Amanda Nestor, marketing coordinator at Busy Beaver. So far in 2018, the retailer has opened stores in Grove City and Greenville and just announced that its New Castle store will open September 14, 2018.

During the last two weeks, Busy Beaver’s Facebook fans voted for six top names from a collection of names provided by Busy Beaver employees. More than 1,600 online votes were cast. The winning names are: Brennan, Bucky, Busy, Timber, Beverly and Barney.

The kits’ parents, Alice and Patch, are full time residents of the zoo. But they might feel at home in the rivers and lakes throughout Busy Beaver’s retail territory. Industrious beavers build dams by carefully placing sticks on waterways to create a deep pool of water and gain protection from predators.

Using branches and mud, they create a lodge with an entrance that is underwater. In the wild, pairs usually mate for life, and the kits remain in the lodge for the first month of life. Beaver populations fell dramatically in the last century because they were extensively hunted for their fur.  Beavers have become more prevalent in the region and across North America. Beaver dams help to establish wetlands that remove sediments and pollutants from the water.

Busy Beaver was founded in 1962. Today it operates 20 stores in three states, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. It employs more than 350 people.



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