BeON Home now available in North America

BY HBSDealer Staff

BeON Home, creator of the first Bluetooth Smart-based home protection system that provides preventative security and emergency lighting, has announced that its smart modules and LED light bulbs are now available for order in North America.

The BeON home protection system uses smart modules, hidden inside LED light bulbs, which provide safety lighting in emergencies and power outages and proactive home security by making it look like the owners is home when he or she is not.

"At BeON, we believe that as technology evolves it should become more intuitive. We should have more natural interaction with our tech, allowing us to go about our daily routines with ease," said Alexei Erchak, CEO and cofounder of BeON Home. "Today, we are excited to be shipping a solution that makes home protection accessible for anyone and improves the security and safety of your home with a practical, affordable and easy-to-use system. With BeON, you simply install the bulbs and live your life."

The smart modules also hear fire or carbon monoxide alarms and turn on the BeON bulbs for instant exit lighting. BeON bulbs also slowly fade off as you navigate a room or go up or down stairs. In addition, the "welcome home" feature allows users to turn on the lights in their homes from the driveway with one touch.

The BeON smart modules also automatically learn a user’s everyday lighting patterns and then replay them while he or she is away. If a would-be intruder checks to see if someone is home by ringing the doorbell, the BeON smart modules hear the doorbell and turn lights on sequentially.

The BeON Home Protection System is available at and through select security dealers for $199.00 and comes with three smart modules and three LED light bulbs as well as the free mobile app.


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