New Estwing chisels lineup

Estwing chisels

JS Products is launching a versatile line of chisels, licensed under the Estwing brand. 

The chisels incorporate years of experience with striking tools to produce a series of cutting and shaping tools that can handle your most extreme jobs, JS Products said.

Combining hardened cutting edges with softened, shock absorbing shafts, the chisels are also offered with grip guards to protect hands and knuckles from wayward hammer blows.

Features of the new Estwing chisels line includes:

  • An assortment of individual chisels as well as multi-piece sets;
  • A variety of chisels for masonry, utility, wood and metalwork;
  • Oversized comfort grip available on select styles’
  • Sharpened cutting edges for cleaner, faster cuts.

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