Lowe's partners with HomeAdvisor

Lowe’s announced that it has partnered with HomeAdvisor and will offer pro customers a free, year-long subscription to the service.

Through the Lowe’s for Pros Loyalty Program qualifying members will receive the annual subscription and a credit for an average of 10 free leads. HomeAdvisor is a digital platform that connects homeowners with qualified home service professionals.

"A consistent flow of quality leads remain very important for our pro customers and we are here to make their lives a little easier," said Fred Stokes, Lowe's senior vice president of pro sales and services. "As a member of Lowe's Pro loyalty program, we are providing personalized offers, business management tools and now a free one-year subscription to HomeAdvisor.

According to Stokes, the moves demonstrates Lowe’s commitment to helping keep pro customers working during the pandemic and beyond.

Additionally, Lowe's Pro loyalty members can participate in webinars with entrepreneurs and experts on a number of topics, including how to digitally market their business, customer service tips, and ways to grow and expand their business.

"There has been a fundamental shift in the value and importance we place on our homes, and homeowners have a renewed interest in hiring Pros for help with home projects," said Craig Smith, president and chief operating officer, HomeAdvisor. "For over 20 years, homeowners have turned to us for help finding a Pro for a home project and right now, Pros across the country are looking for these homeowners.”

The HomeAdvisor offer is now available to new and existing Lowe's Pro loyalty members who do not already have a HomeAdvisor account and subscribe based on HomeAdvisor's approval and terms through Sept. 9, Lowe’s said.