The Home Depot Rental responds to your questions

Execs from The Home Depot Rental provide additional details on the market and merchandising.
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Offerings from The Home Depot Rental includes a wide array of heavy equipment.

During HBSDealer’s recent webinar featuring executives from The Home Depot Rental division, we gave the audience the opportunity to pitch questions to the team.

And The Home Depot Rental has your answers.

Here are questions fielded from webinar registrants along with responses from The Home Depot Rental.

Q: How do you see electrification? Will you be a leader or a follower?  
A: The Home Depot is a product authority for cordless tools from leading brands across the industry. We offer the rental tools and related power sources our customers feel will get their jobs done most efficiently whether that be a gas, electric or battery-powered unit. As battery technology advances and becomes more common, we will ensure we have rental tools available to customers to meet their job and project requirements effectively and dependably.

Q: Is The Home Depot Rental required to obtain an agreement from their suppliers to use their product in the rental program?
A: The Home Depot Rental has a strategic business agreement in place with each of our partners. These world-class manufacturers are confident in their product’s ability to reliably meet the challenging demands of our rental applications and provide product support throughout the useful life in our rental fleet.

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Q: Will The Home Depot Rental soon have a reservation system?
A: We are constantly upgrading our systems to support customers’ needs. This includes online rental reservations which is currently offered and being refined in many markets. We hope to soon make it available to all The Home Depot Rental customers across our North American footprint. 

 Q: What is the average rental period on a product?
A: The Home Depot Rental offers a variety of rental durations to create convenient options for both our Pro and DIY customers while also meeting the needs of their job or project. This ranges from 1-hour truck rentals to 4-hour tool rentals or even daily, weekly, or monthly durations for large equipment. No matter how small or large the rental need, we’re positioned to meet customer needs.

If you missed our discussion with The Home Depot Rental, you can watch a replay of the event here.