Home Depot holding pro ‘Perk Week’

This week The Home Depot launched its first-ever “Perk Week.”

Aimed at the retailer’s pro customers, the week-long even runs Jan. 18 through Jan. 22.

The launch of Perk Week is part of Home Depot’s new and improved Pro Xtra loyalty program, introduced this past October. 

While Pro Xtra members can regularly receive rewards, Perk Week is upping the ante with a surprise perk to ring in the new year – ranging from Pro Xtra dollars ($10-$100) to free drinks and snacks. The surprise perk will be issued Jan. 27.  

All pro customers need to do in order to take part in the promotion is to visit their Pro Xtra account in The Home Depot Mobile app and make an authenticated purchase by either scanning their virtual ID at in-store checkout or by simply logging into their Pro Xtra account prior to online checkout. No minimum purchase required. 

The Home Depot said that the event is a new chance for The Home Depot’s Pro Xtra members to earn rewards in the new year. 

Pros who are not yet Pro Xtra members can still register and earn a perk by opening the app and making an authenticated purchase by Jan. 22.