Great Stuff is now a caulk

Licensing agreement brings the popular brand to the caulk & sealant category.

The Great Stuff foam-in-a-can product is classic DIY tool for insulation and other sticky home projects. Also popular among pros, the brand is now entering into a line of caulk and sealants.

National Adhesive Distributors, a Fairfax, Va.-based company known for its GlueAngel (the old GlueDevil), Thicc and Eish! brands of adhesives and sealants, was awarded DuPont Great Stuff’s first licensee program. The 2020 deal puts the Great Stuff brand in a line of caulks and sealants.

The products are being launched in August of 2021, with both a Premium product aimed at the Pro market and a Standard version targeting the DIYer in caulks and sealants. The company intends to roll out additional offerings over time.

“The brand has massive traction,” said Dean van Zyl, CEO and founder of National Adhesive, which has its roots in Africa. “Across the U.S. there are 40 cans per minute [being sold], that’s a decent amount of foam going out there.”

While researching the product category, National Adhesive identified a lot of consumer confusion surrounding the caulking category, and aims to bring clear and concise communication for ease of use.

"We made everything simple,” Van Zyl said. “We embraced the icons, indoor vs. outdoor. Paintable and non-paintable, listing important aspects first and easy to identify. And all of our products have lifetime guarantees. We want the customer to pick up the product and say ‘I know what this is and what it does.’”

The Great Stuff Caulks & Sealants Range will be manufactured and supplied both in the United States and internationally.