Georgia-Pacific DensDefy Liquid Barrier

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Georgia-Pacific (GP) has launched the DensDefy Liquid Barrier, a fluid-applied, air-and water-resistive barrier.  

Once applied, DensDefy Liquid Barrier produces a seamless, durable membrane on exterior gypsum sheathing, wood sheathing, CMU, and concrete walls.

A new product within the DensDefy Products line, DensDefy Liquid Barrier works side-by-side with the DensElement Barrier System and ForceField Weather Barrier to provide a high-performance, highly durable WRB-AB system across multiple substrates, including DensGlass Gold Sheathing.  

“DensDefy Liquid Barrier helps architects design effectively using a system of high-performance products, designed to work together,” said Jason Peace, vice president of marketing and product management for Georgia-Pacific Building Products. “For our general contractor friends, the inherent benefits of STP technology can provide labor and time savings and, when coupled with full manufacturer support, the DensElement Barrier System and DensDefy Products simplify a highly fractured market.” 

GP says the perfect companion for the DensElement Barrier System, the new DensDefy Liquid Barrier is a single-component, monolithic, elastomeric, STP-based water-resistive barrier and air barrier (WRB-AB).

Developed to help protect against water intrusion and mitigate the risk of unwanted air movement, the product cures quickly (and in wet conditions), is exceptionally durable, and is vapor permeable, meaning it allows damp surfaces to dry. 

DensDefy Liquid Barrier can help with delivering on-time and on-budget as the product can be applied in wet weather, on damp substrates, and tolerates rain immediately after application. DensDefy Liquid Barrier can be applied in temps as low as 25F and cures in temps as low as 32F. No worries if your job is paused: DensDefy Liquid Barrier can be exposed to normal weather conditions for up to 12 months. 

Use of DensDefy Liquid Barrier is easy: no new trades or specialty equipment are needed and is easy to apply via roller or spray. Additionally, this product allows for continuity of the WRB-AB regardless of change in substrates; can be applied to produce a seamless, durable membrane on exterior gypsum or wood sheathing; and bonds to most common materials without priming. DensDefy Liquid Barrier is also compatible with many sealants and waterproofing accessories and features excellent adhesion and compatibility with DensElement Barrier System.

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