Press ECS to exit
Orgill looked ahead to next spring with a major emphasis on the outdoors.
The Power Tool area included a lengthy wall of products.
Chicago welcomed Orgill to the Windy City.
Paslode was welcomed as a new Orgill exhibitor.
E-Z Red Company lit up the aisle with a Cat LED neck light.
Orgill CEO Boyden Moore (center) at a recent Orgill market.
Lenny Goldfarb of Cedar Center Hardware in Ohio displayed his vendor partners.
Orgill nation descended on McCoromick Place Aug. 22-24.

Slideshow: Orgill’s Chicago Market

Scenes and insights from Orgill's 2019 Fall Dealer Market.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Chicago — Foot traffic was heavy at Four Seasons Hardware, Orgill’s 12,000 square foot concept store in the middle of the Orgill Fall Dealer Market. But that wasn’t the only place for ideas and innovation. The 800,000-plus square foot market was offered attendees a chance to catch new products and merchandising ideas in every direction, plus a merchandising lab where 30 different endcap and stack-out displays were fine tuned for attendees.

Lenny Goldfarb, of Cedar Center Hardware in South Euclid, Ohio said the buying deals are just one part of the market’s attraction. “Talking to others in the industry is most important to me,” he said. “I always learn many things from other dealers, sales reps and Orgill buyers. I enjoy sharing the strengths and challenges I may have in my store with others. We all learn from each other.”

“Our Dealer Markets offer customers buying opportunities that they won’t find anywhere else,” said Phillip Walker, Orgill’s senior vice president of merchandising services. “We want to give them the chance to find products at phenomenal prices, access to special areas that will show them what items they could add to their offerings, and ideas for these items could be displayed.”

Some of the highlights of the three day event that ended Aug. 24 can be seen above.



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