Comfort Zone heaters conserve energy

Comfort Zone Energy Save Portable Mini Tower Heater

Comfort Zone, the brand of portable heating and cooling products, rolled out a new line of heaters featuring Energy Save Technology.

The new tech is described as “a heating innovation which offers warmth and comfort while using 30% less energy, effectively reducing heating costs.”

The product line includes oscillating ceramic models, tower designs, portable personal styles, and quartz radiant heaters. Available in black and white, the heaters fit discreetly into any space needing extra warmth.

“With our Energy Save Technology heaters, we developed innovative heating solutions as we focused on design, energy efficiency, and overall safety,” said Deborah Vogel Brown, product director, heaters & humidifiers.

One model, ideal for home or office, is the Comfort Zone Oscillating Ceramic portable heater (CZ449E) featuring new Energy Save Technology. It features two easily accessible knobs at the top that allow for quick adjustment of the thermostat; switch between the high and low settings or choose the energy save option to use 30% less energy than a typical heater. This unit rotates 70 degrees to help disperse heat more evenly. A fan-only setting allows the unit to double as a cooling fan during the warmer months for year-round use. And safety features include an overheat protection sensor and a tip-over switch to provide peace of mind.

Another heater, the Comfort Zone Compact Portable Heater (CZ442E) fits discreetly into any space and saves energy and cost with the new Energy Save Technology setting. Temperature is controlled with the adjustable rotary thermostat, and the heater includes the same safety features as the Oscillating Ceramic portable heater.  A stay-cool body has a molded handle for easy transporting from room to room, making this portable heater a smart and convenient space-saving solution.  

For a sleek profile, choose the Comfort Zone Energy Save Portable Mini Tower Heater (CZ457EBK).  This powerful, portable heater has ceramic heating elements, 2 heat settings and 80-degree oscillation for complete comfort. Featuring an energy-save setting that uses 30% less energy than most other heaters, this heater will save not only energy but heating costs as well. An intuitive electronic control panel is easy to use and adds an element of style to this fashion-forward model. At the touch of a button, select your desired temperature and turn on the Energy Save feature, maximizing heat distribution and cost savings.  With advanced safety features and a fan-only setting for year-round use, this heater is the choice for smart consumers who want to heat their space in style.