Zircon’s SuperScan sees all

Advanced wall scanner identifies more than just studs.

Zircon’s new SuperScan stud finder unveils the company’s latest advancement in wall scanning: Target Control technology.

The company describes TC as technology that brings multiple sensors into play, streaming data and applying sophisticated intelligence to the reader.

The new tool allows to see behind walls to find more than just studs, but also plumbing, conduit, straps, brackets, ducts, and a variety of other objects.

The SuperScan W4 – the premium model of the SuperScan Wx Series – offers five detection modes: TC, StudScan, DeepScan, Metal Scan and AC Scan. A 4-mode switch makes it easy to toggle between functions.

“With TC™\, Zircon revolutionizes wall scanning. TC finds wood studs and only wood studs, giving users unparalleled confidence when using any of the SuperScan Wx Series,” stated Sharon Gee, Zircon VP of Marketing. “A must-have for every toolbox, SuperScan elevates the wall scanning category like no other competitive stud finder in the marketplace. With its attractive pricing, retail distribution, and positive customer reviews, Zircon’s SuperScan exemplifies the best in innovation and state-of-the-art technology.”

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