Young Natalie Kauffman rises at Yoder’s

An 18-year-old leads the sales counter at Yoder’s Building Services and overcomes obstacles.
Yoder's Natalie Kauffman
Natalie Kauffman at Yoder’s Building Services.

Natalie Kauffman has taken tremendous steps since first starting at Yoder’s Building Services less than a year ago.

“Natalie is always looking for ways to serve people. She is patient with other on the front counter and when they ask questions. She does a super job leading and teaching by example,” said Richard Bontrager, sales manager at Yoder’s.

In the month of February, the retailer said, Kauffman had a record month of $465,927.21 and continues to climb up the ladder. “She is not complacent but is always on the search for improving her knowledge and credibility in the building industry.”

The Yoder family, in 1986, purchased nine acres at the current location in Fair Play, South Carolina, and opened the doors with four employees and one delivery truck.

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“This success did not evolve over night and at times seemed to be overwhelming. Being an 18-year-old female working in a dominantly male industry on the front counter has been difficult, but she has chosen to work even harder through it all,” said Yoder’s.

Previously she had zero knowledge of the construction industry and now leads the sales counter at the age of 18. She has been a testament of dedication and integrity to her customers and co-workers, said the firm.

“I enjoy customer service and being able to help my customers. I also enjoy learning – and new challenges,” said Kauffman.

She has taken on this new journey on the sales counter and defied all the odds along the way, said the company, “Natalie Kauffman is the next rising star in the construction industry at Yoder’s Building Services.”