WORX 20V Switchdriver

WORK 20V Swithdriver

The new WORX Nitro Brushless Switchdriver 2.0 builds upon the original WORX 20V Switchdriver introduced in 2015 to make it the go-to tool when drilling holes and driving screws. 

The Nitro Switchdriver incorporates a digital interface, greater torque, and a high-efficiency brushless motor.

A drill is indispensable in any number of assembly projects around the house. Most drill manufacturers offer accessories to swap out bits, but WORX says it took it a step further by manufacturing a drill with two revolving ¼ in. chucks. Drill a pilot hole, press a button and rotate to the other chuck to drive a screw. Switchdriver 2.0 speeds the process by eliminating add-on accessories and downtime. 

Handy for homeowners, Switchdriver 2.0 also is a time-saving tool for the trades, especially electricians.

“We applied the latest technology to the new Nitro Switchdriver 2.0,” said Angel Rebollar, WORX associate product manager. “We upgraded a time-saving power tool and made it more efficient with a user-friendly digital interface, greater power, and a high-efficiency brushless motor.”

There’s no clutch ring on the WORX Nitro Brushless Switchdriver 2.0. It has a variable-speed 2-speed Lo/Hi switch and provides no-load speeds of 0-450 and 0-1700 rpm. The versatile drill’s maximum torque is 443 in.-lbs. 

The new generation Switchdriver now features two digital keypads, located on the top of the drill. The driver keypad (screw icon) electronically changes clutch settings from 1-9. Nine is the highest torque setting for driving longer, stubborn fasteners into hardwoods and number one is for driving smaller screws into softer materials.

WORX 20V Switchdriver B

The new Switchdriver features an impulse function under driver mode. The drill electronically slows its speed and pulses, based on the material’s resistance, until the screw is flush to the surface. This feature provides professional results and helps eliminate "skating" or "runout" from the head of the fastener. 

Switchdriver’s new Nitro, high-efficiency, brushless motor runs 50% longer, provides 25% more power and is maintenance-free, compared to traditional brushed motors. This digitally controlled, brushless motor runs cooler with less friction and heat buildup than conventional motors with brushes, resulting in smooth, reliable operation and extended tool life. In fact, Nitro Switchdriver 2.0 is more than 50 percent more powerful than the original Switchdriver

The WORX 20V 2.0Ah Power Share MAX lithium battery powers the drill. The battery’s charge level can be checked by pressing the battery’s keypad.  The 20V battery is compatible with more than 75 other WORX 20 and 40V lawn and garden, DIY, and lifestyle products for cost savings and convenience.

Switchdriver drills pilot holes and drives screws in half the time as a standard drill/driver.  Drilling pilot holes makes screws go in easier and straighter. It also helps prevent work pieces from splitting or cracking.  

Switchdriver is ideal for installing shelves, curtain rods or blinds with drywall anchors.  Other typical applications include installation of kitchen or bathroom hardware, hinges, and door sets, as well as assembly projects requiring different bits, including Phillips, slotted, square recess, Torx and nut drivers.  The innovative Switchdriver 2.0 also handles large-scale indoor/outdoor remodeling projects, such as kitchen and bathroom makeovers deck building, and assembly of fences and kid’s playsets.

The new Nitro Brushless Switchdriver 2.0 includes a 20V MAX Lithium 2.0Ah battery with a 1-hour, 2-amp charger. Also, included are 6 bits; 2 in. PH2 screwdriver bit, 3PC 1/8 in. hex-shank HSS drill bit, and 2PC 3/32 in. hex-shank HSS drill bit belt clip and carrying bag. 

The tool is covered by the WORX three-year limited warranty. 

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