Werner sets new standards for fall protection

As code changes will soon take effect, Werner advances fall protection
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With an eye towards recent code changes that will go into effect in August 2022, Werner, a trusted brand in jobsite fall protection products, has announced updates to the Bantam and Max Patrol Self-Retracting Lifeline families. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved Z359.14 for self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) on June 17, 2021 with the 2021 edition. Although the code will not go into effect for nearly a year, Werner has already updated its Bantam and Max Patrol SRL product lines to comply with the new standard, which uses a heavier testing weight and higher strength requirements.

“Our philosophy at Werner is to continue being a leader in the standards, requirements, and development for fall protection equipment. The new 6’ Bantam Web SRL and updates to our Bantam and Max Patrol product lines help continue that legacy,” said Eric Miller, VP and General Manager of Werner Fall Protection. “These new code changes are eight years in the making, as the last significant code change happened in 2014. We have updated these critical fall protection products to exceed ANSI’s new standards as we prioritize Safety Above All™ in our product development process.”

Werner’s new Bantam and Max Patrol SRLs meet or exceed ANSI standards in every category, bringing exclusive innovation to leading edge products on major jobsites - an area where safety must be a critical priority.

Werner’s compact and versatile SRLs are now smaller and lighter, meeting ANSI’s new standards for the product class in more applications than the competition. Bantam and Max Patrol self-retracting lifelines are approved for leading-edge use on steel beams, precast concrete and B-deck.

The new Bantam 6’ Web Leading Edge SRL saves weight using an innovative webbing that weighs 30% less than steel cable of the same length. Werner’s Bantam Leading Edge SRL products are easily differentiated thanks to highly visible Leading Edge yellow accents. The Werner SRL products also feature unique labels and visual markings to help guide customers to better understand product application usage.

Both the Bantam and Max Patrol SRL product lines are tested for a user capacity up to 400 lbs when used overhead, well above the 310 lbs standard set by ANSI. They also require less clearance for both overhead and foot-level anchors than competing SRL products. In addition to providing industry-leading fall protection, Werner’s Bantam and Max Patrol self-retracting lifeline products are more comfortable and easier to use due to their lighter weight and thoughtful details.

Werner’s updated series of SRLs will include the NEW Bantam 6’ web SRL, 12 updated Bantam products and 9 Max Patrol products in a variety of configurations, including single leg and twin leg configurations and up to 3 different hook options. New SRL products are now available online.