Werner LeanSafe X5 ladder

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Werner announced that it is growing its family of LeanSafe line of ladders with the addition of the new LeanSafe X5. 

The fully integrated 5 in 1 multi-position ladder is ideal for professionals, including residential contractors, painters, and facilities maintenance personnel who require the flexibility, stability, and durability provided by Werner's advanced engineering.   

"Ladders are an essential tool on the jobsite, and professionals need their best tools to help them accomplish their tasks in the most productive way possible," said Carla Ramalho, senior product manager at Werner. "At Werner, we understand what trade professionals need when it comes to working at height and strive to ensure our ladders are safe as well as versatile. The new LeanSafe X5 multi-position ladders offer adaptability and ease of use to help increase worksite productivity, safety, and compliance, making them the perfect solutions for working pros."

Offered in both aluminum and fiberglass, the new X5 ladders feature a one-handed lock adjustment for seamless transitions through all five ladder positions: step ladder, stairway ladder, leaning ladder, twin ladder, and extension ladder. At six feet tall – with a maximum reach height of 14 feet – the ladder can be stored and transported easily, and the 5 in 1 functionality eliminates the need for multiple ladders to reach different heights.

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Designed for working professionals, the LeanSafe X5 multi-position ladders feature a fully functional leaning top with a magnetic tool bin to hold tools, parts, and paint trays for easy access and is safe to lean on flat walls, corners, and studs. For added efficiency, the twin ladder allows one user on each side at the same time. Non-marring rubber feet protect work surfaces, ensuring the ladder does not damage floors or walls. And, when flipped into the extension ladder mode, the revolutionary design allows professionals to stand comfortably on the ladder top.

The fiberglass model can support 375 pounds (including users and materials) and features EDGE360, which protects from every angle with an integrated rail shield, EDGE bracing, and over-sized foot pad. In addition, the fiberglass multi-position ladder includes slip-resistant Traction-Tred steps and non-conductive side rails for working near electricity.

The lightweight aluminum LeanSafe X5 supports 300 pounds (including users and materials) and features slip-resistant Traction-Tred steps and non-marring rubber top protects work surfaces.

Both the fiberglass and aluminum LEANSAFE X5 ladders are ANSI and OSHA certified.

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